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Error HSMC in Standard differential host pinout on the Arrow SoCkit

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Hi all, 

I'm starting a new project with the Arrow SoCkit, in which I want to use the LVDS pair of the HSMC at the maximum speed. 

The pin out of the project is the Arrow SoCkit pinout, but when I implement the pll and the LVDS RX/TX quartus gives to me this error: 


Error (175006): Could not find path between the PLL LVDS output and destination pin 

Info (175027): Destination: pin hsmc_tx_p[0] 

Info (175015): The I/O pad is constrained to the location PIN_A9 due to: User Location Constraints (PIN_A9) 

Error (175022): The PLL LVDS output could not be placed in any location to satisfy its connectivity requirements 

Info (175021): The pin was placed in location pin containing PIN_A9 

Info (175029): 10 locations affected 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y1_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y2_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y15_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y16_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y32_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y33_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y56_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X0_Y57_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X89_Y1_N2 

Info (175029): PLLLVDSOUTPUT_X89_Y2_N2 


Maybe I'm doing it wrong 

Can anyone help me?
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