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FPGA models with built-in DAC and ADC?



I'm not sure if it's right to post this question on the forum, but I'm asking because it's difficult to find the FPGA model I'm looking for.

I am currently looking for a Intel FPGA model or evaluation board with built-in DAC and ADC.

An FPGA with at least 4 ADCs and 4 DACs is required.

Since the operating speed of the target device to be handled through the FPGA is quite slow, the sampling rate of the ADC is not very important to me, and a sampling rate of 1MSPs is sufficient. The desired ADC resolution is about 8 bits.

For the same reason as above, it is sufficient if DAC can operates about 1 MHz, and the resolution of DAC is also considered to be 8 bits like the ADC.

Actually, the driving I/O voltage/current is more important issue to me. The larger the maximum input/output voltage and current, the better for my work.

Currently, the voltage/current specification I want is about 4 V/100 mA maximum (Current driving spec is only needed for DAC).

Even if it is lower than the specifications I want, a model that can send the maximum I/O voltage and current among Intel FPGA or evalulation board is fine.

If you know of this kind of FPGA or evaluation board, I would be very grateful if you could let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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Intel has MAX 10 FPGA with ADCs (max 2) built in them, but no DAC. You can find some solutions available with our partners. Here is the link:


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