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HSMC extension cards

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I am currently prototyping on a dk-dev-10m50-a~ ( card and intend to use a Raspberry Pi 3 to crossload data from its SD card. (I'm currently inserting data into the programming stream and storing it in the FLASH) That's good enough to start with and lock down the rest of my design but I'd like to buy or build a card with gobs (that's a technical term :) ) of Intel Optane memory. I have OrCAD to do the work if I do it myself but the Optane chips themselves are not commercially available yet so I'd like to throw this out to the PSG staff because I think I'm not the only one who would want such a thing. A LVDS interface would be fine because my application is eventually going to end up in a Stratix with hardwired SERDES. 


I'd also like to hear of anybody else's experience with the HSMC extender bus.
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