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reliability EP1S40F1020I6


Hi, I'm Fernando López, reliability calculation engineer at Indra Sistemas. We are using some of the components of it (EP1S40F1020I6) for one of our systems. Please, could you send us some reliability data (MTBF, Failure Rate, FIT, ...) or study (Htol) specifying environment and temperature?

Thank you.

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Hello Fernando López,

Thank you for contacting Intel community.


For FPGA products: 2021 reliability report is made and uploaded into RDC.

The 2021 Reliability report of our PSG legacy products (20nm and older technologies) is available in Intel’s RDC System. Refer below link.


Content ID: 653451

Document title: 2021 Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) Reliability Monitoring Report


Now, customer needs to visit RDC site and get the report by themselves.

Once visit to RDC, the customer can use keyword in search box to look for the reliability report.

Keyword: 2021 reliability monitoring


Since the reliability report is Intel confidential information, the RDC registration is required by the customer with CNDA.

If the customer cannot find out or cannot access 2021 reliability report, the customer is required for RDC registration, please get the registration in the RDC website.

The following links are direct links to understand about RDC access.


Resource & Design Center (RDC) - RDC User Guide


How to Get Access - RDC User Guide


How Do I Request an Intel Resource & Design Center (RDC) Account?


Register for a Developer Zone Premier Account


How to Sign In - RDC User Guide


When anyone download the RDC document from the RDC website, the downloaded document shows a watermark at all pages of the document background. That watermark is one’s own e-mail address.

We recommend that the customer perform self-registration to get the access to confidential RDC document.

Thank you!