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ESB2 iastordatamgr sevice won't start, registry key incomplete


I have three identically configured SuperMicro servers, based on their X7DWN+ motherboard (Intel 5400 chipset). This board includes Intel's ESB2 RAID controller. The only difference between these three servers, hardware-wise, is the drive configurations. Each one is Windows 2008 (64-bit), fully patched. Only differences, software-wise, is installed services.

I have successfully updated 3/3 servers from drivers release 8.9 to 9.6.

One of the three will not load the RST GUI due to "RST service not starting". The iastordatamgr service is NOT found in the Services. When comparing the three systems, I see the affected system does not contain the same registry key contents (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\iastordatamgrsvc) as the two servers with a successful update. There may be other related differences in the registry, this is the one that's obvious to me.

Here is the key from the UNSUCCESSFUL update:



Here's the key from the two SUCCESSFUL updates:

























"DisplayName"="Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology"








"Description"="Provides storage event notification and manages communication between the storage driver and user space applications."










(I have installed driver version on this server, but same issue exists. The driver is OK, but the RST GUI will not start due to no iastordatamgr service being available.)

Any ideas as to why the iastordatamgr service is not being installed properly?

Advisable to "merge" the known good key into the unsuccessful server?

Thanks very much.

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