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Is IRST needed?


I have a new ASUS Rog Strix Z790-F Gaming WiFi II motherboard and I can set up RAID I for two 4TB WD HDDs in the BIOS, which I have been told by ASUS support is preferred.


My question is if RAID I is set up in the BIOS, do I need to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers in Win 10?


ASUS support said yes, but the reasons why were it would provide more power for the CPU and have the system run cooler.  This made me question installing IRST in Win 10.


With the RAID I set up in the BIOS, I don't want to confuse the situation with IRST in the OS.




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Yes, you need to install the runtime package. Intel RST is not a hardware RAID solution; it requires supporting firmware and software. The software, implemented as Windows drivers, is a necessary evil to supporting this functionality.

As for their assertions about power and cooling, well, you're right, that's mostly drivel.



I just got off with ASUS chat support and he sent me this link that goes with my new how to set up

ROG STRIX Z790-F GAMING WIFI II UEFI BIOS.  After a few steps, it all makes sense now.


 [Motherboard]How to create Intel 600 series MB RAID in BIOS Setup | Official Support | ASUS Global


IRST is built into my MB BIOS, so he said to not install IRST in Windows 10.


Thanks for your help.




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