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Intel RMM4 - password protectect authentication page and setup IP listening


Please help me to clarify few moments about Intel RMM4 (BMC Web Console)

I configured RMM4 module to one of the available PUBLIC IP addresses. Now it turns out that I have BMC authentication page on one of my public IPs.

(I can't use it locally and ISP can't help me with firewalls or filters regarding this matter!)

1. I do not know how to make BMC to accept requests only from certain IPs or how to put a password before loading BMC home page, something familiar to .htaccess?

I disabled the standard logins. Setup a new username, and the password is also very complicated, about 64bit. I also forced HTTPS and set timeouts for 30 minutes at failed login after 2 tries.

2. Will all of these measures provide me with a high level security for my server?

3. Is BMC Web Console (speaking generally about SSH and HTTPS protocols that it uses) resistant to hacking or exploits, not considering Brute Force Attacks?

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