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Target did not halt execution.



I have a problem with debugging an Intel Core processor. My hardware is listed below:

1. Intel Core i3-4130 (Haswell) Processor

2. ITP-XDP 3BR Kit 


I think I have assemled a testing PC proper, because it loads OS and work normally. But when I try to connect to the PC throw Intel System Debugger I see:

Intel System Debugger 2016 (x64) 
Version 16.0.84641  (64-bit)
Copyright(c) 2001-2015 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
INFO: Caching of registers and memory is *enabled*, subsequent reads from target will be cached
INFO: Initializing Target Connection Interface...
INFO: Initializing probe connection, this will take a moment...
INFO: Probe connection initialized!
INFO: Connected to Processor type: Haswell (4 threads)
Target did not halt execution.
WARNING: Unable to halt the target during debugger initialization, you may need to reset, power-cycle, or apply additional platform-specific steps to continue!
INFO: Initialization complete.
E-2201: Target did not halt execution.

And if I try to suspend the PC, last line prints one more time. I don't understand at all why I have this problem. In documentation I found this out:

Errors include “E-2201: Target has no active threads, this operation is not permitted.” and “E-2201: Target did not halt execution.” This condition occurs when the debugger attempts to halt the target, but the CPUs are asleep and therefore unresponsive to debugger commands. Workaround: manually bring the CPUs out of sleep (e.g. by fiddling with the tablet) *or* try repeatedly to halt via the debugger, after 2-3 tries the target typically wakes up

My PC is not in sleep or another low-power state.

What I should do in this situation?



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 Hi Leo,

Is your target unlocked? You can verify this by connecting over the Python console and trying itp.halt(). You should then get a warning about locking. The Python console is located here: C:\Intel\DAL\PythonConsole.cmd

If it turns out to be the case, you will need to apply for access.

After doing this you can run itp.unlock() in the Python console and confirm with your Windows credentials.


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What is the meaning of below error and how to resolve this ?

[]> itp.halt()
CommandsErrorException: There are no threads available in the active core group to do this operation.

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