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Basic migration guidance needed from existing Windows 7 system: Large HDD to smaller SSD

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I am utterly bewildered: I got a 180GB 520 SSD and thought Intel Migration would take care of separating out the O/S (Win 7 x64) from the 900GB on my current drive. Apparently that's not the case. Can somebody please set me straight on the following questions?

  1. I understand I need to create a copy of my primary system drive with (significantly) less than 180GB of data for migration to the SSD, right? Let's call this the migration source, and the remainder the data disc. The migration source will essentially contain the O/S and installed programs, and exclude all user data (which far exceeds 180GB).
  2. I understand I should use the Intel Data Migration software to clone the migration source to the SSD. This appears to use Acronis 10. Should I use the Intel tool, or is my standard copy of Acronis 11 just as effective at this cloning step?
  3. Once "migrated," can I (or should I not) do any sort of spanning partition so that both the SSD and data disc use the same drive letter?
    1. If not, I assume the SSD should be designated primary and left mounted as volume C:. That means all user data that was formerly expected to be found on C: will be on D: (or some other letter)?
    2. How do I get Windows 7 to recognize that user directories are now on D: (or whatever I mount the data disc as)?
  4. If I then run the Intel SSD Toolbox am I done?
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Hi dbooksta,

I'm sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. Not all issues posted to this community receive the prompt peer support that you might need. In lieu of waiting for assistance, I would like to suggest you contact Intel Customer Support for the troubleshooting required.

Thank you.