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Intel 750 ssd warranty - ISN not recognized by checker.

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Hi Intel community,

Attempts to submit an RMA for a faulty 750 NVME ssd are failing, just like the drive (solid amber and red lights, won't boot or recognize in the bios after 32 days of successful operation).

The ISN number on the side of the drive itself is not being recognized by the warranty checker, and thus I cannot submit a claim. I do not have the box for the drive any more, so what do I do?

Model: SSDPEDMW400G4

Should I post the ISN number here? I also have a picture of the drive label if Intel doesn't believe me, but I think the issue is with their database.

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Hello Gregat99,



We were informed by our support contact department that your case would be addressed today. At the same time, we have escalated this situation to the proper team, since the ISN should work in the warranty center as well. As for our internal tools, the SSD does show fine.



Please respond to our department who'll be more than glad to address the situation. In case you don't hear back from them, feel free to post here.


Let us know also if your situation is fixed by the support department.