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Intel SSD 600p in RAID1 using RST Enterprise NVMe


I have got workstation motherboard with Intel C612 Chipset and Intel Xeon E5-1650 V4 CPU. The RAID support for Intel NVMe SSDs for such platform is provided by the Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe) NVMe product (see Technical Product Specification here:

I would like to know if it's possible to create (non-bootable) RAID1 array from two Intel SSD 600p NVMe SSD drives using such Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe) NVMe RAID driver. In its Technical Product Specification mentioned above there is an information that it supports "Intel NVMe SSDs" only, which the 600p model definitely is , but I'm not sure if the Intel SSD 600p is supported by it, actually, because it's not listed on the RSTe NVMe RAID driver User Guide page (see User Guide for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (Intel®... ).

Btw: on FAQ page for Intel SSD 600p/Pro 6000p Series (see Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® SSD 600p/Pro 6000p Series) there is an information that such SSD drives in RAID configuration are supported by using the latest Intel RST driver (i.e. non enterprise version), but there is a problem that such latest Intel RST driver supports 6th and 7th Generation Intel Core Processor Family Platform only so it's not possible to use it on my Xeon E5 v4 CPU family with the C612 Chipset.

Thank you very much for the help.

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