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Intel SSD DC S3700 100GB



i need upgrade many industrial PC´s with classic sata (512b not advanced format) harddrive. Installing OS is WinXP.

I use for data transmission cloning SW Acronis True image. (I have create images)

I have 2 questions:

1. You need install Acronis AlignTool - Intel SSD Edition on PC after upgarade?

(on this PC is not possible installing another SW)

2. Stored data on HDD(SSD) will read in another PC. Is AES-256 crypting enable or disable from manufactory?

(When is crypting enable, how can i disable it?)

Thanks a lot


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Acronis AlignTool* - Intel® SSD Edition could be used if there are performance issues caused by misalignment of sectors and clusters after installing Windows* XP. You may want to verify if the partition is correctly aligned in order to determine if you need to install this tool; some web pages provide good recommendations about this topic, such as the one below.

Encryption on Intel® SSDs is ready to be used (on supported models); you just need to set up the Hard Drive password in BIOS. The following link may be of further help: /message/212662# 212662 212662