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Intel SSD 'offical representatives' (suggestion)

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I would like to suggest that Intel, create a 'offical team of Intel SSD reps'. Probably paid tech workers, designers of the actual product etc..

Why? The SSD future for intel will probably be something quite marvalous! By not having such a team in place, Intel would be hindering their own product sales and popularity..

How so? Human 'support' on even a level such as this forum, thats 'offical' is a wonderful selling point IMO. I LOVE my 80GB G2! But.. with such a dead support forum for the product, (comparing to the likes of OCZ's ssd forum..) it makes me wonder if in the end this will be my last intel branded SSD..

I have never been much of what people call a 'fanboy' however.. I could see myself being very-much one of Intel SSDs, for many many years to come! But I doubt this will happen with such a lack of communication from Intel. I am sure most/all of these threads/posts are read by Intel. But this does very little without a reply. Even a simple one.. "I do not currently know the answer to this, I will look into this and check with my superiors." or even "I cannot offically coment on this, but it has been forwarded to the proper people." Such a simple reply. even if its not a truely helpful one of the product, does help! Helps ease our minds that Intel is looking out for its customers.

Oh, also keep up the great work on the actual product side! the G2 has been a great product for me!! I hope Intel has a great and prosperous future in the SSD market. my happyness with my current G2 tells me Intel deserve it!

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InteI should sort out their customer services first. How I was dealt with when trying to RMA my drive means I will not be buying an Intel SSD again and has put me off buying any Intel product again. My retailer has refunded me for the Intel SSD that failed and OCZ will be getting my custom instead.