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Just got this and upgraded but i want the most out of my SSD drive.

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I purchased the X25-M 80gb drive yesterday, it kinda sucked because the performance was the same as my harddrive with a 8gb USB drive readyboost enabled. Considering that the SSD was packed in 08/22/10 I thought maybe to look for a new driver, found the new firmware, and installed it via CD rom reboot. That jumped the speed up and now im experiencing a nice difference. So im happy with this product now.

My question is, since I installed windows 7 first on this harddrive before installing the new firmware should I reinstall window 7 to gain the best performance out of my system?

I also installed the toolbox, that speeded things up a bit more also. I didnt run the fast or full diagnostic scan yet but any other suggestions on how i can speed this puppy up more?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Note: I copied an export from my drive information and its saved in .csv format but i dont know how to post it on here. I dont know what it all means but a couple fields state obsolete, retired, and response incomplete. Those dont sound good and thats just the beginning in the General configuration section. Anyway can someone tell me how to post this .csv so you can look at it?

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