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P3500, Windows Server 2008

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So, does this SSD work with Windows Server 2008.

I have a Dell PowerEdge 2800 and I need an SSD solution.

I don't want to use SSD's on a RAID controller, so I need to use PCIe.

I know the PE does not have PCIe 3, but know that that stuff is backwards compatible.

So, I might not get full speed, but it should work.

I do not need to boot from this drive.

I just need it to work in Windows Server 2008.

(This is NOT windows server 2008r2.)

Anyone know if this will work?

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I called tech support on the phone.

They said "well, if the drivers don't list 2008 then they won't work."

Well, okay, first they said that they supported 2008R2 and didn't understand that that is technically a different OS, but once I pointed that out, then they just said no.

Does anyone have any idea if any Intel SSD's support 2008, or how to get it to work as a data drive?

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We have researched this situation and we can confirm the driver will not work on Windows* Server 2008, it's a different code base than Windows* Server 2008 R2.