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Sometimes I can't boot from 320 Series SSD.

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Hello, at first some background information. There is a know conflict under Windows XP x64 between Adobe Flash Player's hardware acceleration and the GeForce display drivers. When Flash HW acceleration is on, the PC sometimes hangs. I've told this to Adobe and Nvidia and I am waiting for a fix. With every new version of Flash I enable HW acceleration and check to see whether the PC will crash. It always crashes when I am running XP x64. Several days ago I updated to flash 11 and checked whether it will crash. I prepared the PC for a crash - stopped all programs except the browser, disabled write caching on the SSD and played a flash video. The PC crashed. after the crash, the PC booted normally. I enabled write caching on the SSD and continued my work throughout the day. On the next morning, I turned on my PC, and after the BIOS - BAAAM, black screen (with turned on monitor). I restarted the PC and Windows loaded normally. Throughout that day I restarted my PC several times and everything was fine. Since then, every morning when I first turn on my PC, it doenst detect Windows. Just a black screen with turned on monitor. After restart it loads Windows normally. Sometimes at boot time there is a message like "Last time Windows didn't load properly" and I have several choices - Last known good configuration, Start Windows Normally... I choose Start Windows Normally and throughout the rest of the day everything seems fine.

So It looks like that if the PC has stayed 10-12 hours without electricity, the SSD doesn't boot from the first time. I've checked the SSd with CHKDSK, performed Full diagnostic scan with Intel Toolbox, checked it for bad sectors, checked the SMART attributes - EVERYTHING IS NORMAL.

Why is that?

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