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Unable to see "accelerate" button in Rapid Storage Tech GUI on IdeaPad Y500

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Hi, I have an Ideapad Y500 I just purchased, which has a 1TB mechanical drive and a 16GB mSATA SSD drive. I cleaned the partitions right when I got the machine with plans of putting Windows 7 on it (it came with Win 8).

I do this, install all the drivers, and then install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology util, and when I open it the GUI shows no accelerate button. I do see both the SSD and the regular drive listed on the right hand side. I read several other posts that talk about setting the drive to be a RAID setup, but my BIOS has no such config (just AHCI). I also see no available BIOS updates posted anywhere for this laptop.

I noted the exact same thing happens when I tried installing within Windows 8. With both Win7 and Win8 I tried the OS install both with the SSD installed during the OS install, and also tried removing the SSD during the OS install and reinstalling after I install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology util.

Any ideas why I may not be able to see the accelerate button?

Thanks in advance for any advice...


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