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Update SSD firmware with drive connected via USB?

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I'm trying to update a 160GB G2 drive I currently have connected via USB and the firmware ISO disc only recognizes my laptop's internal SSD (also G2, firmware updated no problem). I run several Mac's all with Intel SSD G2's and it's somewhat of a pain, although not a big deal, to open up a macbook pro's bottom cover and replace the drive for the update. I was using the 160GB as the boot drive on an iMac, but currently waiting for a new model (27" Core i7) in the mail. Interestingly the prior 24" iMac (early 2008) would start running with incredibly bad lag's/pauses after a day or two of usage and require a reboot since installing the Intel SSD (clean install, not a clone), so I'm hoping the firmware update may help resolve this problem whatever it might be as this behavior is definitely not happening with any of my other Macs (MBP, Mini, iMac24, MBAir with non-intel SSD).

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Hello, I would like to let you know that unfortunately Intel does not recommend using an enclosure to update the firmware; the recommendation is to use the Solid State Drive at the internal SATA controller of your computer and then update the firmware of the Solid State Drive.

Regarding the behavior of the Solid State Drive in a Mac system and Mac operating system I suggest you to contact the Mac support since Intel does not support any Mac operating system only Windows* operating systems.