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Enterpriser WLAN: Can connect manually. Cannot connect using package.


Hi everybody,

This is my first message here, I am new to the Intel/Wireless world.

I have been recently been asked to connect our entreprise laptops to our enterprise WLAN (Cisco).

Laptops are DELL E5510 with Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN as wireless adapters.

Our wireless settings are the following :

Cisco Controllers & AP + Cisco ACS for authentication

SSID not broadcasted

WPA 2 / AES / EAP-TLS (computer certificate).

I can successfully connect to the the WLAN using WZC or when using Intel PROSET software :when connecting manually or using a previously created profile.

But it does not work when creating and importing and administrator package. The profile created in the package is strictly the same as the one created outside the administrar tool but it will not connect.

Thank you for your help.

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I sould maybe also give you some troubleshooting results :

When trying to force the connection by clicking on the imported package's profile, the followinbg message appears :

"Advanced security is disabled on the computer.  

The Selected network has advances security.


Please select another network or contact your IT Administrator to enable the feature."

The Intel Wireless troubleshooter is not very helpfull here :

Authentication failed due to invalid username


I also get a WZC like pop-up comming from the taskbar :

A certificate is required to connect to "test"

(test is the name of the profile in the imported package).

Thank your for your help


Ok Guys, I think I have found the cause of my problem.

Thanks to ... WZC.

There is a difference in the wireless network created via the Profile Wizard and the one created via the Administrator package.

These are the properties I configure in the profile or in the admin package profile:

Profile Name : test

SSID : xxxxxx

Operating Mode : Network Infrastructure

Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name

Enterprise Security

WPA2 Enteprise


TLS / Use the certificate issued to this computer

+Validate server certificate

After this, I go in the Windows Network & Share center->Manage my wireless network->Properties of "test" wireless network->Security Tab->Advanced Settings.

The difference between the WLAN created in the profile and in the package is in the specified Authentication mode i 802.11x tab.

Profile => Computer Authentication

Admin Package's profile : =>User OR Computer Authentication

Now, I understand why connecting with Admin Package does not work but, how to solve this ?



OK, I have found the answer in the manual.

SSO Administration Profiles using TLS authentication and machine certificate are not supported under windows 7.

This made IntelProset a little less attractive compare to WZC from an enterprise point of view.