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Intel BE200: Status of LE Audio support on Windows 11

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I would like to know whether there is a timeframe for enablement of LE Audio functionality on Intel Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chipsets that support it on Windows 11. It seems that so far, LE Audio on Windows 11 works only on some very specific laptop models (e.g. the newest Samsung laptop that does not even sell where I live), but in general, it is still not supported even with Bluetooth controllers that claim support for LE Audio (such as BE200). Intel AX210 at least supports LE Audio on Linux when experimental features are enabled (BE200 does not, but we're getting there, I guess, recent firmware at least enabled cis-central/peripheral).

I have bought Intel BE200NGW for that specific purpose (I don't care about the wifi part at all), tried different recent driver versions, tried both stable, release preview or canary Windows 11 builds, but it is still not working - this corresponds to everyone else's experience as far as I can tell from forums/Reddit.

The "Use LE Audio when available" option is just missing.



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I would really appreciate some kind of response. These cards have been out for over half a year and one of the important new advertised ( https://cdrdv2-public.intel.com/761674/761674_Intel_Wi-Fi_7_BE200_GalePeak2_Product_Brief_Rev1p1.pdf ) features compared to older models is "Bluetooth LE Audio" support - for me this was the only reason I even from my older BT/WiFi card.

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Hello Drujd,

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We recommend checking with your computer manufacturer, which is Samsung technical support, since your computer manufacturer might have changed the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to your computer.

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Carmona A.

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What? I'm sorry, but what?

Samsung? I don't have a computer from Samsung!

I wanted a response from an actual human being, not a bot without any kind of reading comprehension...

You are falsely advertising the product as LE Audio capable - it is NOT, not in any OS right now.

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