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The Intelligent Edge: Opportunities, Challenges & How to Get Started

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We are seeing an explosion of intelligence at the edge in all industries across the globe;  in telehealth and the healthcare industry overall, in education, in retail and hospitality environments, and more. 

This webcast explores all things Intelligent Edge:

  • What are the opportunities for businesses? 
  • What are the obstacles that organizations face in order to fully benefit from it?
  • What are the steps to start today?

The Intel InnovatiON Event in 2021 highlighted the latest trends and developments in artificial intelligence (AI), edge, cloud, and 5G.  Intel Influencer Ronald van Loon attended the event to learn more about how the intelligent edge is completely transforming the way organizations operate in a connected world. You can read about his experience in his blog How to Enable Intelligent Edge Services and Applications.


About our experts

Ronald van Loon is a Top Global AI & IoT Influencer, Intel Influencer, and CEO at Intelligent World. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stacey Shulman is Vice President of Internet of Things Group and General Manager of Health, Life Sciences and Emerging Technologies at Intel Corporation. Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter

To learn more about the exciting opportunities of the Intelligent Edge, click here

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