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Brand new X-25M 80GB not recognised

Purchased an X-25M 80GB on sale (mail-in rebate).

It has "G2" in its model number.

It has Firmware 02M3 (the latest according to Intel firmware download page).

It's new not refurbished.

Installed today as second SSD in my PC. Primary SSD (with Win 7 64-bit working perfectly) is a Kingston 96GB, also a SATA II model.

Motherboard is a 5 year-old ECS G31T-M v1.0 with up-to-date BIOS.

On first boot attempt POST hung for about 15 seconds then reported the X25-M as "Secondary Master is a corrupted drive".

PC booted up to desktop but X25-M does not appear in Device Manager nor in Disk Management window (not even as "Unallocated space").

Shut down, swapped power cable & data cables from the primary drive but X25-M still hangs during boot and is not recognised at all.

Shut down, tried remaining SATA ports one at a time, no improvement.



Can anyone suggest a reliable fix for this problem? Or, is this drive a useless brick?


Thanks for any help you can provide !



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