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Intel SSD 520 180 GB dead - can be changed under RMA without proof of purchase?

I am a big fan of Intel SSD for the last 5 years and no one failed.

Unfortunately, that day come for an Intel 520 series 180 GB which is not seen anymore when is connected to a SATA port, nor external USB adaptor.

Can you advice me if can be replaced by Intel and the link/procedure to follow for that? Unfortunately I have only the drive itself and no proof of purchase and other documents.

Many thanks in advance for this forum support.

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Hello IntelSSDFan,

If the warranty period has not expired and you are the original purchaser of the drive, then the SSD should still be covered by the Intel® High Performance Solid-State Drive — Limited Warranties. As mentioned in the Warranty document, Proof of Purchase may be required.

Please check the following website, here you will find the methods available to engage Intel® SSD technical support in your region: Contact Support

The support agent will be able to confirm warranty coverage and the information required for a warranty replacement.