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Intel Warranty Coverage Check

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I have an issue doing a warranty check on an intel ssd 535 series which died. I keep getting "your product could not be located" on different browsers. See attached jpg. This seems to be limited to the 535 series, as I have checked serial numbers for 525, 530, 540 and 600P series ssd and have no issues. I have checked two different serial numbers for the 535 series and both get errors.

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Hello kgreenh,

In some cases the Warranty Information tool may have a hard time locating your product, this issue has been reported and should be resolved in the near future.

For products experiencing this problem, we suggest checking your warranty status using the "Other Intel® Product" option. Here you will need to input both your ISN and your SA numbers:

If this still does not display your estimated warranty expiration date, you will need to contact our support team directly for assistance.

Best regards,

Carlos A.