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Motherboard cannot detect 600p 256GB SSD NVMe S.2 socket although MB support it

Hi guys, I am quite desperate. I have MSI B150 GAMING M3 motherboard with latest BIOS B.8 with support of M.2 socket NVMe SSD disks, yesterday I bought Intel 600p M.2 256GB SSD NVMe and plugged it in to M.2 socket, but when I enter BIOS it is not being detected, do you have any clues by what this can be caused? What I need to do to work it out ? I even do not see option in Advanced options in BIOS as Rapid Intel technology. I believe it may be caused by some settings in BIOS but here I would like to advise from someone more experienced than me.

I will highly appreciate any kind of help ! !

great Regards Krystof

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Community Manager

Hello Kgbee,



Thanks for posting in our forum. We understand you have installed the Intel® 600p series SSD, but the system does not detect it.


We will be more than glad to help on this.



First of all, we have checked the motherboard's specs information and what we found is that the M.2 slot in your mohterboard is for SATA devices. Please check this hero-specification link for that.



As you can see, it states the following under storage: "1 x M.2 Key M Socket supports type 2280/2260/2242 storage devices in SATA mode"



One thing you need to keep in mind, for this NVMe* SSD, is that it requires an M.2 key M port, 2280, PCIe Gen3 X4.


This is a link with some tested motherboards to be used with the Intel® 600p SSD.



We do suggest you to get in contact with the manufacturer of the motherboard in order to confirm all this information and compatibility.





Community Manager

Hi Kgbee,



We are following up and we would like to know if you require any further assistance from us. We will be waiting for your response.