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I am struggling with FIPS SAMPLE on the QAT of the Intel C627 test chipset.



Currently, we are developing a solution related to encryption/decryption acceleration with the C627 Chipset. I had a problem during the development process and I wrote.

Currently, the installed driver file of C627 Chipset is using qat1.7.l.4.10.0-00014.tar.

For the general sample source test provided by Intel, the test was completed by referring to the document provided by Intel.

Test Source Path : /QAT/quickassist/lookaside/access_layer/src/sample_code/functional

Reference documents : 
    1. Intel QuickAssist Technology API Programmer's Guide

    2. Intel QuickAssist Technology Cryptographic API Reference


However, when a sample source containing FIPS-related modules is compiled, fips_sample.a and fips_sample_s.so are generated, not TEST executable files, unlike other sample sources.

Test Source Path : /QAT/quickassist/lookaside/access_layer/src/sample_code/fips

The sample source provided in the aforementioned INTEL document can be applied to the solution we are developing through examples and TEST executable files. However, FIPS-related test sample sources are having difficulty due to lack of examples and documents.


Is there a place to get examples(/QAT/quickassist/lookaside/access_layer/src/sample_code/fips) and documentation related to the sample source in that path?


We are looking forward to your response. 

Thank you.

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Hello, @rekcah:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

You should address as a reference your QAT consultations to the channels listed in the following website:


Best regards,


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