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does ATI radeon rx vega M gh has open CL for photoshop oil paint filter ?



I am photographer and have just purchased a NUC pc with a ATI radeon RX vega M GH.

In photoshop CC 2020 under win10 (both 64 bits) oil painting filter is greyed (filter>stylize>oil paint) but it is greyed.

I looked on google and it seems it is related to card not supporting Open CL.

I checked in photoshop preferences performances and graphic card is recognized but Opencl is disabled and greyed.

My graphic card is quite recent so i don't imagine it is already obsolete. How can i activate Open CL ?

yesterday i updated my bios and graphich driver on AMD site but changed nothing. I don't have any radeon panel under win10 to change parameters.

does it exist ?

best regards



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Hello MarcL,

I would recommend contacting the application developer regarding exposed features... an application developer could restrict features or expose features based on available hardware.

That being said, I'd be surprised if a filter feature was simply disabled due to OpenCL acceleration was disabled. Typically, a mass market software product will have generic CPU back up code paths to enable the feature.

A dump of clinfo information from your system as configured may give you hints if an OpenCL platform is appropriately exposed... It can also give helpful information to the software application vendor to understand the platform of interest.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to advise for a non-Intel driver deployment path for an OpenCL capable device... but if you have two display devices, it may help to check to ensure both devices are enabled per BIOS and try swapping the connected display port. In Windows in particular this may show different behavior in terms of the OS exposing all devices.

Lastly, I know lots of Windows application developers have had challenges with DCH style driver access necessitating application refactors. At least for the Intel Graphics device in your system, you may want to ensure you have the most appropriate Intel Graphics driver for your part.

Typically, the best way to ensure this is to go to the vendor website and get the vendor recommended driver package for your system model. If no such option exists, or the part is a first party Intel part (like many NUC form factor machines are) users can try the Intel downloadcenter.





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