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Registration Failed for Unknown Reason


Hi, I tried to install the Intel OpenCL SDK for Windows, and I'm having issues with installing on the license page. Both of the serial numbers located in the registration center failed with the message 'Registration Failed for Unknown Reason'. Obviously this tells me nothing, so can someone tell me what's wrong? I'm installing this because it would be helpful for my Parallel Programming class (we're doing OpenCL and Kernel Compilation would come in handy)

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Hi Morgan,

While you're waiting for your SDK registration issue to be resolved you may want to have a look at a samples repo I setup that demonstrates how to build OpenCL applications from source using the Khronos-provided OpenCL ICD loader and OpenCL headers:

I think it's super cool that your parallel programming class is using OpenCL.  Would you mind sending a link to your course webpage?  Feel free to send via a private message if you'd prefer not to post it to a public forum.  Thanks!

  -- Ben

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Hi MorganM,

Can you describe how you are installing? From (Intel® System Studio) ISS? As a standalone? 

There are a few different methods so a step by step description can help.

The stand alone looks like this:


A configurable OpenCL™ Tools for Visual Studio: ISS install package may look like this: is the site users end up with after they configure the system studio tools... it hosts this .zip file via download button. This is typical install I use does and does not request a key. It delivers which contains a .json to control the installer behavior... an .exe installer and the license file next to it. The license check step of the installer looks for the .lic file.

If you provide steps maybe I can walk through something similar to yours. If you're having issues with ISS, you may want to try the standalone or vice versa.

Without exposing any of your private identifying information can you any send screen shots or hyperlinks to where the issue is? A link to the initial and secondary portal by which you access the download? I understand the link itself could contain something private... if you can hide part of it, that may be helpful.




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Hi Michael,
I also got the same issue and mine is a Standalone install.

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