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About Intel Communities
Welcome to the Intel Community! This is a place to ask questions and share knowledge about Intel products and solutions. Interested in learning more about Cloud technologies, 5G, or Gaming, for example? You can chat with an expert in our Blogs geared to topics important for our customers. Or if you have a product support question, we have support forums you can visit. Some forums offer peer-to-peer only support while others offer support from Intel Product Support Engineers. We are glad you are here!

Community Guidelines

Community Do's

Create an Account

Join the conversation! Create an Account with a Username so you can ask and answer questions.

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Mark an answer as an Accepted Solution

If you liked the answer someone provided to your question, mark it as an Accepted Solution. This helps others find solved issues.

Kudos Others

If you see responses that are helpful, Kudos the response so others know that this is a helpful User.

Earn Recognition!

Earn Recognition by being active, helpful and moving up the ranks. The more time spent on the community answering questions, helping peers, the higher your rank and recognition!

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Community Dont's

Don't troll or attack others

We're all here to help each other, just be kind and thoughtful when responding to each other.

Don't share confidential information

This is a public forum. Please don't share your personal information, Intel, or 3rd party confidential information.

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Don't solicit business or donations

This is a community to discuss and help each other with regards to Intel products, not for soliciting business.

Don't Spam

Spammers are banned from the site and content is removed.

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