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New firmware bluescreens my Win7 64-bit

Been running Windows 7 64-bit professional for awhile, about 2 weeks using my new Intel X25-m SSD (80 GB) drives. Up until today I have had no problem at all with them. I currently run two drives in Raid 0 and when booting my system tonight when I got home I immediately get a BlueScreen when the Windows 7 splash screen is loading. The only thing I have done to the machine in the last day is update the firmware and install the Toolbox (last night). I did not have a problem until trying to use the computer today.

I know they pulled the current level firmware, I am just adding to the discussion stating I have a problem as well due to it. I only hope Intel posts a new firmware quickly or at least make the older firmware available for download that allows downgrading. I saw another post on the forums here that links an ISO of the old firmware, but when I try to downgrade my SSDs it does not allow me to because it says I have a pre-production firmware on the SSD. I upgrade the firmware in a seperate system than they are RAIDed in because trying to upgrade the SSD in RAID does not work.

Also to note, the Toolbox is useless for anyone running RAID (at least through hardware RAID). It just tells me it cannot use RAID to monitor harddrive health. Kind of worthless in that sense.

Again, I currently run Win7 64-bit, on a system that has them in RAID 0. I cannot boot windows in regular or safe mode since upgrading the firmware and rebooting the system afterwards (did not reboot until today). Any information that can help Intel will be provided.

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As a small update. I was going to recover my hard drive to see the results, but I could not even get that far. I tried running DiskPart "clean all" on my drives (which I have done before several times) from my Win7 WinPE jump drive. Upon doing that I eventually got an error message (about 3 minutes into it) saying it could not communicate with my disk. Now one of my SSDs cannot even be detected at all via my RAID controller. So this keeps getting better.

My other SSD is detected just fine and my other RAID 0 setup (with my VelociRaptor drives) is currently fine. So, this is looking as if the new firmware did a number on my setup here.