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Run the Intel® VTune™ Profiler Server on Intel® DevCloud

Run the Intel® VTune Profiler Server on Intel® DevCloud 


To get started with Intel® VTune Profiler and forward the server connection to your local machine, follow the instructions below. 

  1. SSH into to Intel® DevCloud: 

ssh devcloud 

Follow instructions for your OS if you haven’t already set up your SSH Configuration: 

Instructions for SSH Configuration have changed recently, so if you set up your SSH Configuration earlier, you may need to revisit the instructions. 

  1. Start an interactive session with a compute node: 
    qsub -I 

Tip: If you need a specific hardware type look at our other documentation for specifying a hardware type using qsub 

  1. Start the Intel® VTune Profiler Server: 
    vtune-backend --web-port=8081 
  1. Copy the URL printed to the console by VTune that includes a one-time token: 
  1. Port Forwarding to your local machine 
  • Open a new terminal 
  • Use the wildcard aidevcloud entry from the SSH Configuration setup above and fill in the compute node name.  This forwards your connection to the compute node. 
  • Execute the following command: ssh <compute node name>.aidevcloud 

Example: Using compute node s001-n059, you would execute the following command.   

ssh s001-n059.aidevcloud 

  1. Open the VTune URL from step 4 in the local web browser: 

You might get a message saying Your connection is not private and NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.  You can continue through this dialog by continuing to the next page by whatever method your browser allows. 


  1. Setting a passphrase 
  • The first time you connect, you need to set a passphrase to continue forward and access the dashboard.  Follow the passphrase requirements and continue to the next page. 


Get started! You now see the Intel® VTune dashboard and can follow through the Help Tour or get started on your own if you are already familiar. 







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