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Vtune run from GUI vs command line shows a large difference in finalization time


This is a continuation of a previous issue that I did not reply to before the issue was closed.


I see a big difference in finalization time between running from the GUI and running from the command line.

matrix.exe (sample)

command line: 2 minutes

gui: 7 minutes.


This seems to mirror my real issue which is finalization time on my own project of profiling the compilation of jellyfin by msbuild, a larger project than matrix.

msbuild of jellyfin

command line:   6 minutes

gui: 20 minutes


You asked for the result files of the matrix profiles for both the command line and gui. 

They are too large to attach. They exceed 71MB

Other options?




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Good day to you.


Thanks for posting in Intel Communities.


We tried profiling the official matrix sample multiple times on an Intel Core i9-12900HK (Alder Lake) CPU running on Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 via both GUI and CLI. The comparison with GUI and CLI is attached along with this.


Advanced settings used for replication on GUI

Data Limit: 8000 MB

Finalization Mode: None


Command used for replication on CLI:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\vtune\latest\bin64\vtune" -collect system-overview -data-limit=8000 -finalization-mode=none --app-working-dir=C:\Users\sdp\Downloads\matrix -- C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\matrix\matrix.exe



Comparison 1

r000so - GUI - Finalization: Fast

r001so - CLI - Finalization: Fast


Comparison 2

r002so - GUI - Finalization: None

r003so - CLI - Finalization: None



  • There is no significant change in the results from GUI or CLI
  • Finalization is taking significant time irrespective of the advanced settings in GUI


Although we specifically configured Intel VTune profiler not to perform finalization in advanced settings, it was observed that Intel VTune Profiler GUI is doing finalization for the runs.


Thanks for reporting the same. We are working with the development team to investigate this issue further.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we will get back to you with an update soon.



Jyothis V James


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Good day to you.

We have escalated this issue to the development team, and they are working on a fix shortly. We will get back to you when it is fixed.

Thanks and Regards,

Jyothis V James

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