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Careers at the Intel Assembly and Test Facility in Poland

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As the Talent Acquisition Director at Intel, Magda Celmer talked with us about the exciting range of opportunities that come with opening a greenfield manufacturing site in Poland.


Please tell us more about yourself and your role in this project.

I've been at Intel for more than five years, leading the Talent Acquisition (TA) function in the Greater Europe region. My role in this project is to steer the TA strategy and drive the attraction, selection and hiring of talent. I joined Intel because it is one of the key industry players in the tech space and offers a fast moving, fast-paced environment. Prior to joining Intel, I had heard a lot of great things about the culture and values of the company and saw a great opportunity to drive impact through quality talent solutions for the business. Five years on and I’m still enjoying the journey!


Could you share more about the talent needs for the project in Wroclaw?

Overall, we’re aiming to hire approximately 2,000 employees, seeking specialists across various backgrounds and experience levels. As a greenfield site, we're starting from scratch, focusing on this stage of the project on construction, facility design professionals and the core team of the future site, including executive and leadership roles—and we’re hiring talent in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain.

This is the first phase of a multi-year journey, and over the next couple of months and years we will be opening more roles.

So far, we have been experiencing great interest—we feel people are super excited about the investment and all the opportunities it will provide. This is indeed an opportunity to be part of something amazing, a large semiconductor facility in the heart of Europe.


Intel will need a lot of skilled employees, does Poland have this type of specialists?

Yes, we will need a lot of skilled professionals—and given the impressive track record of Poland in the manufacturing sector we know there is a strong and growing talent pool. It’s also going to be a Polish hub from the perspective of advanced manufacturing and first investment when it comes to semiconductor industry, so we are looking at multiple sources of talent. This includes people who are interested in relocating and people who want to start their career in high-tech manufacturing. We will be providing multiple ways to grow skills and capabilities—technical trainings, up-skilling and re-skilling programs and more. So even if we don’t have many people experienced in semiconductors in Poland, Intel will provide multiple opportunities to enter the industry and develop careers.


Was the talent availability a factor when selecting Wroclaw as location?

Of course, talent availability, prospects, the next generation of talent and the longer-term pipeline have all been critical factors in the site selection process.

We’re excited to share with people why they should consider Intel—it’s a great place to work with a lot of emphasis on culture and values. It’s also a high-tech giant and a global leader, so there are lots of opportunities resulting from that. From my personal experience, I can confirm the culture of Intel is unique—something which makes this company really special.

Specifically with this project, Intel is on a journey to significantly accelerate the production of semiconductors and to grow our manufacturing capability, and that ties into the mission to help the world solve some of the biggest challenges.


Who is Intel going to hire specifically? What level of education and experience will be needed?

This is the first investment of this type in Europe (semiconductor assembly and test), so we are talking about a very specialized workforce. The huge investment will provide opportunities for experienced talent but also students, university graduates and people with technical skills. We are open to considering candidates who want to enter and gain experience in the semiconductor industry. Internships, re-skilling, up-skilling, technical training—as I said earlier, it’s all what we are currently exploring and will be planning to put into place for the longer term to create the local semiconductor workforce of the future.

What I want to call out is that all of this goes beyond what Intel will need—we have a purpose and mission to not only address what our business will need but also to invest in and develop the local workforce and the local economy so that all can benefit.


Usually, technical professions are dominated by men—with Intel’s commitment to diversity is this going to be a focus for this project as well?

Intel is truly committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce and it is a core value here. For this project, looking into talent availability from a gender diversity point of view, we know that it may be a challenge as technical professions and manufacturing are dominated by men. So, we are considering many ways to drive diversity and bring it to the next level and ensure a more diverse workforce with equal opportunities for everyone. We are following inclusive hiring practices and establishing customized programs, and we are closely partnering with the Polish education system to look at the future workforce across all levels.


What advice would you give to people who are interested in joining?

I would encourage everyone to explore our career website to learn more about Intel and get more of an insight into the workplace, culture, opportunities and benefits offered here. You can also sign up to our talent community and be among the first to learn about job opportunities and stay up to date with what’s happening in the Poland greenfield investment and overall, our strategy to increase our manufacturing footprint globally.


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