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Quantum Research Kernels Workshop

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Anne Matsuura is the director of Quantum Applications and Architecture at Intel Labs.



  • Intel Labs is hosting a virtual Quantum Research Kernels Workshop on March 21, 2023, from 9 AM – 11 AM for experienced quantum algorithm developers from any quantum application area.
  • The workshop will introduce the Parallel Research Kernels, which were important constructs for designing classical parallel computing systems. This workshop will lead to future working sessions to define a set of analogous Quantum Research Kernels designed to expose features of a quantum computing system critical to executing a wide variety of applications on a quantum computer.


Working from previous successes with Parallel Research Kernels (PRK), we hypothesize that an analogous tool for quantum computing, Quantum Research Kernels (QRK), may similarly aid the co-design of software and hardware for quantum computing systems. The QRK will define a set of kernels designed to expose features of a quantum computing system that will constrain the success of applications written for quantum computers. The QRK are intended to be a sufficiently complete set such that if a quantum system were constructed that did well for each of the kernels, that system would most likely be a successful system for supporting key applications.

Example of a potential QRK:

One of the bottlenecks for scalable quantum computing is the difficulty of loading the data (particularly classical data) into the quantum machine. State preparation can be an exponentially hard problem itself, leading to the conundrum that loading of the data into the quantum machine can completely negate the speed-up gained by doing the problem on a quantum computer.

We believe that the quantum computing field can learn from classical computing design techniques. As with the PRK, the QRK will be produced through a community-driven process by programmers interested in writing applications for quantum computers. To facilitate the first community discussion, we have designed an introductory workshop. Tim Mattson, a senior principal engineer in Intel’s Parallel Computing Lab, will give additional background on the QRK, then open the meeting up for questions and discussion.


Quantum Research Kernel Workshop

March 21, 2023

9 AM – 11 AM PST


Join the Meeting


This workshop is a call to the quantum computing user community to work together to develop a complete set of QRK that can guide the design and development of quantum computing. We look forward to an engaging collaboration and hope to see you there. For more information, watch my address from the 2022 Chicago Quantum Exchange Summit below.


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She has previously been chief scientist of the Optical Society (OSA), chief executive of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF), senior scientist in the Bio/Nano/Chem Group at In-Q-Tel, and program manager for atomic and molecular physics at the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research. She has also been a researcher at Lund University in Sweden, Stanford University and the University of Tokyo; a Fulbright Scholar to Nagoya University; and an adjunct professor in the physics department at Boston University. Dr. Matsuura received her Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University.