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Help with Video In through Clocked Video Input on DE1-SoC board

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I'm trying to implement simple video channel on VIP suite - pass video from Video In input through ViP suite to VGA output. I'll ran Test Pattern Generator color bars (set as 4:2:2, YCbCr, sequence), convert it in 4:4:4 with Chroma Resampler,then convert to parallel via Plane Sequencer and pass to CVO - all is ok, I can see color bars on my monitor. But if I connect Clocked Video Input instead of TPG I can not see anything. I take AVD7180 I2C initialization from DE1_SoC_TV example. by the way DE1_SoC_TV runs ok - I can see video from camera. Is SignalTap I can see hsynk, vsyng and data is running. 

It will be great if someone have simple ViP exmaple with CVI and video input for this board to show how I can correctly initialize chain. 

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