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Match Windows Reported Intel Graphics Driver Versions to Intel Download Driver Versions


I've Googled the heck out of this and can't find an answer. I can't be the only one wondering this?

I've installed an Intel driver. But Windows reports the driver version as being 

I do customer support for an app that is sensitive to what Intel driver is installed. 

When I get Windows System Information .NFO files that show the Intel driver as (or whatever version number) how do I know that equates to the 15.40 driver on the Intel driver download site? 

In the case above, it appears that the 5166 parts of the version match, but how do I know that 20.19.15 equals the Intel 15.40 driver? 

This is driving me nuts! 🙂 


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When you have packages that contain multiple drivers for multiple hardware solutions, you simply cannot have the same version number for each driver as you have for the overall package. To do this would mean that every driver has to be updated for every release, not just when they are modified. Intel is consistent in its use of this methodology and Intel documents the actual driver version strings that are included in a package within the Release Notes file for that package (we won't go into the totally braindead practice of not keeping incremental Release Notes files; that's an argument for another day). It should be noted that the build number component (i.e., the 4th component) of the version number is consistent across all drivers in a package and this can be used as the pivotal data.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for your response! 

It COULD make sense, if that's what I saw in the Release Notes file. 

This is the release notes file for the PV driver package:

Can you describe to me how I would extract from that info? 

This is the version shown on a laptop with an i7-4900MQ CPU and HD Graphics 4600. 

Thanks very much! 

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Ok, I was going to say it must be because these are last-gasp products, but I just checked out the latest DCH driver Release Notes and it is not much better (has Audio data but not Video).





Thanks for the links. I had already looked at the Understanding Intel Graphics Driver Version chart, and it didn't make a lot of sense, since I assumed that since (in this particular case) I was using the 15.40 driver, that I'd want to use the lower half of the chart. But if I use the upper (100 series and higher) chart, I can make that make sense. 

In my case, according to the upper 100 series cart, 20 = Windows 10 WDDM 2.0., and even though I have Windows 10 ver 2004, a dxdiag shows the WDDM version to be 2.0. So check on that. 

The 19 means Direct X version 12. Per dxdiag, check! 

Then 15 means the build number, check! 

So I'll use the upper chart going forward, and should have success. 

Thanks everyone for your assistance!