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Whenever I turn on my computer Intel Arc immediately starts asking permission to change something


When I choose to turn on my computer, after a few split seconds this application pops up and starts asking permission to change something on my device, nothing happens if I ever click yes nor no. I even tried closing it, nothing happens until I decide to either restart my computer or turn it on another day.

Keep in mind this is probably my third week of using this computer as I bought it this month, it all started when I started downloading drivers and had to install this application ( I downloaded it from the official website ), it started asking permission EVERYTIME since that moment. 

I honestly don't know if this is normal or not but I wanted to make sure, I have no idea if I should download the last drive or just keep it this way.

This is an Intel Core, i5 IRISx.

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This is exactly what I observe! After each start of the computer this message appears. I am running Windows 11.

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