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32-bit libraries not found


As I was installing Intel Parallel Studio Linux C++.  It says:

32-bit libraries not found
32-bit libraries not found on this system.
This product release requires the presence of 32-bit compatibility libraries when running on Intel(R) 64 architecture systems. One or more of these libraries could not be found:
libstdc++ (including libstdc++6)
Without these libraries, the compiler and the debugger will not function properly. Please refer to Release Notes for more information.


According to synaptic, libstdc++6-4.6 and libgcc1 were already installed.  I installed glibc v 2.21 from  I still got the same message from the installer.


Q1:  What else do I have to do?


Q2:  If I don't intend to build 32-bit apps, is this even an issue?


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Black Belt

If you don't need the 32-bit compiler, deselect the ia32 option when installing.

For the ia32 option, you need a fully working g++ 32-bit installation as well as the 64-bit one.  The only clue you gave about your distro was you reference to synaptic.  Maybe the 32-bit development system is available in an on-line repository.  Many install DVDs omit it.  Then you would have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all the compilers and libraries.

A source code installation of various libraries would not take care of this.

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That's correct Grant. By default the installation menu will have the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures enabled for install. You'll have to de-select the option by choosing the correct choice (number) from the menu which will undo the " to [] to indicate de-selection. Likewise you'll have to do so for any components you want or not want to install. Once customized you can then install the product. BTW, you'll have to choose "custom install" to get to the selection and de-selection of components etc. So, for 64-bit selection obviously you'll not need to install the 32-bit components at all.


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