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Do I need an additional "Viewer" License for Questa Starter Edition?


Hello all.

Actually, I want to evaluate the Intel Questa Sim Starter Edition in terms of VHDL simulations to possibly use it for teaching purposes. Unfortunately, I fail just at the licensing. I'm running Ubuntu Linux (22.04 LTS). I installed Questa from “” and chose the “Starter Edition”. Subsequently, I have generated a license file in the Intel® FPGA Self-Service Licensing Center and stored it in my file system. I have set the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable accordingly, and execution of “lmutil diag” gives me the following output:


“intelqsimstarter” v2024.01, vendor: mgcld, expiry: 9-jul-2024

vendor_string: XXXXXXXX

uncounted nodelocked license, locked to ethernet address “XXXXXXXXXXXX” starts: 10-jul-2023, expires: 9-jul-2024

This is the correct node for this node-locked license



I X'd out some information, but the message is clear: lmutil found a valid license on my system. The problem is, when I try to start Vsim by executing:


Then Questa starts up, just to message me:

“Unable to checkout a viewer license necessary for use of the Questa Intel Starter FPGA Edition graphical user interface. Vsim is closing.”

Then it shuts down again, without any further hint what's wrong with it. Anyone with the same problem or a solution on that? Do I need another license to use Vsim with a GUI?

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