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DE0-Nano SoC Kit - Questions about Qsys and automatic tcl pin assignments

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Hello, I'm writing here after a two-days research on internet, without successful answer to my question(s). 


I'm facing problems with the part of the HPS-FPGA tutorial included in the CD for DE0-nano platform that explains how to automatically assign pins, and I found the identical problem following this ( guide.  

I'm running Quartus 15.1 Prime Edition on both Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (ok, I know it isn't supported) and Windows (that is supported instead, so my question should be valid). 


Here's the problem: 

when Qsys project is generated, and included in Quartus project, I throw an analysis and synthesis task. Then I should execute the TCL script for pin assignment... BUT: after the execution, I see no variations in the assignment table and also in the pin planner window. On Ubuntu I also get some errors during the execution of the script, although the Quartus software and all the Altera Suite work smoothly on this system. 


Here's the question: 

what exactly the TCL pin assignment script does? should I see changes in the pin assignments or not?  

extra: does the Qsys system need to be toplevel in my Quartus project?
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Hi, not sure if you've found your answers by now, but for the benefit of the others, here are some details: 


I assume you are refer "hps_sdram_p0_pin_assignments.tcl" that needs to be run after the Qsys generation. Quartus should have a small window (in my case, above the message window) that says whether the tcl script is executed successfully. 


However, if you use an existing design example that already has the HPS assignment done previously, running the script above will not change any pin assignments (obviously) as they have been defined before.
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I have the same problem. "hps_sdram_p0_pin_assignments.tcl" runs successfully, but when I open the pin planner, I can see no pins were assigned. 


I am using Quartus Prime 17.1 on Windows. Any idea why this happens?