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Same captured frames, different result ?


Hi there first post here, but I've been using GPA for a long while in my career, however there's something I've just figured out and i'm not sure if it's an issue or if it's normal.
I'm hoping someone can explain to me why is it that when i open the same frame twice on the same PC I get different GPU ms results ??
I'm guessing it's calculating upon the reconstruction of the frame, but i dunno :/ I'm a tech art not a master programmer yet ;)

Thx in advance this is really making me doubt a lot, and making my life a nightmare to optimize my game :P

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Hi Oli G,

Without knowing specifics about the machine/frame/GPA version/metric discrepancy, the behavior you describe has a good chance of being what you stated - the GPU reconstructing the frame.

I am hoping that the metric discrepancies you talk about are not vast differences.  Are they?

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