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File I/O performance - memory alignment


I am testing my system performance by buffered and unbuffered sequential file reading.
In theory unbuffered should be faster for large files. But it should be memory aligned.
After reading it I want to perform IPP SplitC on the file read. The file is a comma delimited
text file.

I am coding in C# and need a quick example how to do that with IPP.

The reason I do that is I want get the maximum performance processing large comma
delimited files. There are severals choices to be made. I prefer to code in C# because it is higher
level than C and the project can be done faster. Also I believe .NET has many advantages wich
work underground. From other side I need to perform a lot of string processing after reading the file.
I have to compare the string processing performance of C# with IPP to decide which one is better.

So as a summary I have to decide what is better performance wise:
1) Buffered vs Unbuffered read of large comma delimited files.
2) IPP SplitC vs nativeSplit C
3) C# vs C.

Thanks in advance,

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