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MPEG4 camera makes me crazy

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Hi all,

after two days of trying theumc video decoder to decode a mpeg4 video stream from an IP camera I finally decided to use the forum and hope that somebody can help. I use the IPP 5.1 version and the corresponding samples. I already use the IPP for decoding JPEG, audio etc. But the MPEG4 video stream still makes me crazy. I have a mpeg4 parser that provides me with complete mpeg4frames (I and P frames only). I slightly modified the sample posted by Vladimirin this thread use it for parsed mpeg4 frames. Now when I make a call to GetFrame, the decoding seems to be ok,VideoData is filled with someinformation like FrameType etc. which is correct, but I never receive the decoded data - the output data buffer is not modified by the call to GetFrame. I use SetBufferPointer to set the buffer and it is big enough to receive the decoded data, but nothing happens with the buffer. Can anybody give me some useful hints?

Thanks, Alexandr

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Well, I played around with the color conversion a bit and now the GetFrame started to fill the output buffer. The problem is, that only the first video row (first width * 3 for RGB24 bytes) are in the buffer after GetFrame. The rest is again empty. But these first bytes are correct (ie. video has been decoded correctly for the first row) ! How it is possible that I receive the first row only? The MPEG4 data is definitely correct and GetFrame returns UMC_OK.

Thanks for any comments.