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DQ57TM/I5-660 AMT Provisioning



I have the combination mentioned above (Intel DQ57TM/I5-660 ). I've configured the system for AMT via the activator from the SCS lite package. The configuration works fine for AMT V5 features. I'm unable to connect to the ME via VNC. I've tried tightVnc and RealVnc. I know there isn't a network issue as I can connect to a Vnc server running under Windows when the system is booted up. I can see the sending system packets via wireshark, but have no clue how I'd tell if the ME was receiving them.

One thing I've notived is that RPAT goes from enabled to disabled whenever I reconfigure the ME.

So the question is should I be able to get remote KVM with this combination and provisioning method? Is there a filter that needs to be disabled in the ME? So far I've tired ports 5900 - 5910. Is there a non-standard port to use?



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Buenas estoy en la busqueda de ayuda de parte de ustedes. no puedo configurar mi motherboard correctamente tengo esa misma tarjeta madre intel dq57tm agradezco me dieran los pasos para configurar el bios y seguidamente configurar todo el sistema para kvm de real vnc saludos

Good I am in search of help from you. I can not properly configure my motherboard I have that same motherboard intel thank DQ57TM give me the steps to configure theBIOS and then configure the entire system of real vnc kvm greetings

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