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Cyclone V: Fuse bit to bypass the BSEL pins

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Hello everyone! 


The Cyclone V HPS Technical Reference Manual tells me about a "fuse bit that can bypass the BSEL pins."  


I wasn't able to find any more information about this fuse bit. However, I think it could help me with my design.  


Does this feature still exist for Cyclone V? (To me, it looks more like somebody forgot to tidy up the datasheet..) If it exists, where can I find more information about it?  



Best regards, 

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Sorry I know that this is an old thread, but this is the first result that came out when I search for the same thing.... turns out that most likely the feature has be removed. I'll check with Altera support and update if I find anything.

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Hello, if you're still on it, this might be helpful - It was the response upon a support request that I made on this topic: 


"The fuse bit is a security feature in the SOC, just that we did not emphasis much about this in Cyclone V TRM, let me provide some document that explain more about this item for your reading:- 




In the end, we couldn't use the feature for our purpose. Hope this helps!