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Basic UART Communication on MAX10 FPGA

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I have followed the Intel FPGA "How to communicate between a host PC to USB UART" tutorial with my MAX10 dev kit and am able to print "Hello World" to my UART PuTTy terminal. I have modified the HelloWorld.c code within the Eclipse Build Tools to prompt user for input. I want to use this input to toggle an LED on board.


I have two issues.

  1. Whenever I input something on my PuTTy terminal, the TX light on my dev kit lights up. I think I would want the RX light to light up instead (the board should be receiving this input, not sending it out).
  2. I'm not sure how to implement the input from the PuTTy terminal with the verilog code. It seems it is local to the code within the Eclipse Build Tools.


Thanks in advance!

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