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Cannot route console output to serial Altera UART when booting kernel from RAM

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I have successfully created images for U-boot and for the Linux kernel 3.10.37-ltsi-rt37 (vmImage) that direct the console output through the Altera UART component. I have also programmed those images to flash and when it boots, all of the console output is directed to the Altera UART and not the Altera JTAG UART. 


Now, I would like to bypass U-Boot and load the kernel directly into RAM by using the "nios2-download" command. I have updated the Reset vector for the Nios II Qsys component to point to the SDRAM, updated my kernel menuconfig options so that the DTB file is compiled and generated a new vmlinux ELF image.  


However, my problem is after the "nios2-download <ELF filename> -g" command completes, there are never any messages generated on the console output as if the Nios II never gets reset. 


Is there anything else I need to do to have the kernel downloaded and run directly from the DDR3 SDRAM? Once the kernel starts to boot, shouldn't it start to start generatring debug messages? 


Any feedback would be appreciated. I look forward to your feedback. 


- Brad
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Hello Brad, 


Although I am not sure whether it would work for you or not, there is one option "-r" which you can try. It is used to reset target system before use.  


For example, you can try it in following way : "nios2-download <ELF filename> -g -r" 


Let see what happens at your end. 






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