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Driving external ADC in Nios II Eclipse

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Hi, recently i've been working on a project "digital oscilloscope" using lcd monitor as display via vga port which mainly uses Altera DE1 board, Altera Quartus II, Nios II and Qsys. 


I'm using MCP3002 as my oscilloscope ADC. 


I'm referring to an 8-bit parallel ADC codings to make modification on my codings. But it's too complicated for my level of understanding. 


I try to change the 8 bit parallel settings to 10 bit format, but for calculation wise, i'm not too sure about "do i need to change". 


I only know that for 8 bit parallel can just get 1 output for one point, and get multiple points to form a line or curves. 


For serial ADC, the conversion need to w8 for the adc to receive 10 bits output only can proceed to conversion and display. 


But, I have no idea how to carry out, can anyone help me on my code? 


Thank you.
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