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How to create a device tree for a custom arria 10 board?

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has anyone expirence wirh creating a Linux device tree (using sopc2dts) for a custom arria 10 board? 

The default approach for a development board is: 

$ sopc2dts --input ghrd_10as066n2/ghrd_10as066n2.sopcinfo --output ghrd_10as066n2.dts --board hps_a10_common_board_info.xml --board hps_ 

a10_devkit_board_info.xml --board ghrd_10as066n2_board_info.xml --bridge-removal all --clocks 

But on a custom board i don't have the two xm files. Do i have to geneate the dts without those XML files and then edit everything additional needed by Hand?
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I managed to get Linux to boot using the xml files from the gsrd. All I had to do was edit the name of the hps definition to match the one in my qsys system. If your design deviates from the gsrd (for example the led pios aren't there) the command when you generate the dtb will spit you an error. I forced the output and used it in my boot image and it worked.

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