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Installation of Yocto Image on the onboard storage m-sata [DE2i-150]

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Hi everyone, 

This is my first post on the forum and is likely to be the very naive to many(but all my efforts to find the solutions have only led me to here). 


I have a DE2i-150 board and am struggling to install the image provided in the System CD to the onboard 64GB msata. 


I could successfully boot the board through the image copied on a USB and the live version starts working. But I can not figure out how do I do a persistent install of the image on the onboard storage. 


Are there any BIOS settings that I will have to change to be able to do that? Also what key is required for entering the BIOS? (F12 is for boot menu). My system boots up before the display initialises and hence cant see find the information. 


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Have figured the Boot menu key though. Its F12. 


The problem still remains. 

Even tried to Install CentOS 6.7 where i received the following error. 



.... Searching for Hard Drive... Installation Image Failed. sh:Cant access tty: Job control turned off 


and the install fails.. 

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